Sugar Plant & Spares long tube evaporators

Our conventional Evaporators, the semi-kestners as well as the falling film evaporators incorporate many unique design feature which makes the system readily acceptable in the Sugar industry.

Advantages :

  • Maximum steam economy due to special vapour bleeding systems.
  • Increased capacity, by about 25% on account of higher heat transfer coefficient due to high velocity of juice in the tubes.
  • Reduced inversion losses due to less retention time of juice at high temp.
  • Energy saving due to no re-circulation pump in S.K. or conventional body
  • Less Space requirement.
  • Less scaling due to high velocities.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No entrainment of juice with vapours due to highly efficient 'save alls' & various baffler.
  • Higher vapour Pressure available for pan boiling on vapours.
  • Unique equitable wetting of tubes through innovative design of juice distributor nozzle for each tube for falling film evaporators.