Minerals Bentonite

Bentonite is a natural occurring Clay having Bleaching properties,Natural Bentonite is processed for various applications & uses such as Rotary Mud,Filling, Oil Deorderising.

Bentonite falls under " MONTMORILLONITE " group which contains varying amount of Attapulgite & distinguished by Adhesion characteristics, application of Bentonite is more dependent on its Physico-Chemical properties such as Base Exchange Capacity, pH Value, Setting time, Swelling power etc.

Than its Chemical compositions, Processed Bentonite is generally available in Sodium or Calcium based. 90% of world Bentonite products is used in Oil Drilling, Well Drilling, Foundations in Civil construction, Foundry, Palletising and Bleaching applications, while rest is used as Refining & Cleansing Agent, Anti Caking Medium for certain Granular Fertiliser, Binding Medium in Agglomeration of cattle-feed, Pesticides, Cracking of Mineral Oil & Alkalization of Phenols.

Bentonite - Ocma Grade
Moisture 8 - 14%
Residue 2% Max
Apparent Viscosity 25 Cps (7.5 Gms / 100 Ml Water)
Filter Loss 11 - 15 (7.5 Gms / 100 Ml Water)
Yield 17 - 22
Dry Screen Analysis 99 Min